CalanCool® frost protection

CalanCool® – Greater safety with our frost protection

Secure your sprinkler system from freezing!

Fire Protection Solutions Brandschutz Feuerschutz 12 Logo CalanCool 4c 800pxEvery fire risk is different and needs to be evaluated in its own right. That is why fire protection must be geared to the very precise needs of our customers – such as the highly specific requirements associated with food storage and refrigerated warehouses. This applies, for example, to selecting extinguishing and antifreeze agents and determining the size of the systems.

Antifreeze extinguishing medium for sprinkler systems

To ensure sprinkler systems work properly even in very cold environments, such as in freezer warehouses, an antifreeze agent needs to be used to ensure the pipe system does not freeze up. The antifreeze agent CalanCool® can be used as an extinguishing medium for sprinkler systems that are exposed to temperatures as low as -30°C. CalanCool® is not harmful to health, is biodegradable and is not subject to labelling requirements under EU Directive 1999/45/EG. Calan Cool® is certified by VdS.


Technical Data CalanCool®

  • Ready-mixed antifreeze protection to -30°C
  • Colour: green
  • Odourless
  • pH-Value (20°C): 7.9 – 8.1
  • Freezing point: -30°C
  • Boiling point: >100°C
  • No explosion hazard
  • Fully soluble

CalanCool® is added to the sprinkler system as a ready-to-use solution. CalanCool® provides, on top of effective fire fighting, also corrosion protection for the sprinkler pipe system, remains stable over a long period of time and does not separate.

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