provides fire protection in your vertical cable ducts

Why should you use CalanSmartspray as a fire protection method for your vertical cable ducts or cable tunnel?

Cable systems are very important to commercial companies, because they form the basis for power supply systems and data infrastructure; and thereby they enable the control of all production areas.

In order to ensure electricity supplies and data traffic between remote areas, cable installations consist of numerous power and data cables, which are mainly insulated using plastic sheathing (including PVC). Because of this plastic sheathing, in the event of a fire, cables tend to have a strongly fire-propagating effect. If, for example, an electrical short-circuit causes a rapid, major increase in temperature, ignition of this cable insulation, and thus the spread of an uncontrolled fire, becomes inevitable in most cases.

Special Solution

In order to counteract the spread of an uncontrolled fire, it is necessary to protect cable systems by means of automatic extinguishing systems. The installation of an effective, low-pressure fine spray system achieves safe fire-fighting capacity, with relatively low sprinkler water use. As part of a VdS test and approval process for a low-pressure water spray extinguishing system designed to protect horizontal cable systems (cable ducts, tunnels and shafts), real-life fire tests were carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of a low-pressure fine spray system.

Purpose of CalanSmartSpray®

Due to the location of individual cables and the length of cable tunnels and cable ducts, protecting these areas represents a real fire protection challenge.

CalanSmartSpray was developed to protect horizontal cable tunnels and sewers.

Activation of the extinguishing system and subsequent sprinkler saturation of the fire zone together bring about immediate fire suppression, as well as the immediate containment of any heavy smoke caused in the room containing the fire. The water applied immediately absorbs the energy released by the combustion reaction and causes a sharp decrease in the atmospheric temperatures in the room with the fire.

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