Quality management

Quality management in fire protection

We offer you security – verifiable

The individual companies in the VINCI Energies Deutschland fire protection group have been certified to EN ISO 9001 for a great many years.

With the help of our management manual and additional process instructions, we document the high demands placed on our quality management system.

Quality means making customers’ needs the top priority – something that is self-evident for a technical service company such as ourselves. You can be sure of receiving an expert and reliable service from us – from the first time you get in touch to the completion of your project and subsequent service support.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

Occupational safety

Our objective: ZERO ACCIDENTS!
The aim of any occupational safety activities is to identify potential risks early on and ensure that they are prevented by the company’s own employees and other appropriate persons.

Every single employee is obliged to comply with all applicable safety regulations in his day-to-day work in order to prevent accidents. There is a particular onus on management to actively ensure compliance.

Every employee has a manual for reporting unsafe situations (MUS Manual) that requires him to identify dangerous situations on building sites and report them as appropriate. This process is part of the risk analysis that involves all employees working on building sites.

Environmental protection

Our corporate guidelines include environmental protection objectives. By paying special attention to these objectives, we not only avoid polluting the environment but also conserve resources and minimise risks.

Numerous aspects of efficient environmental protection are taken into account in our “SGU” (safety, health and environmental protection) management system, for example the use of effective systems and technologies and providing our employees with regular information and training.

Environmental protection is a joint task!

Every employee is personally responsible for ensuring he does not cause any damage or unnecessary environmental pollution. We have a moral obligation to prevent any risk to the soil, water or air that is identified and/or to obtain the necessary support from experts for this purpose.

Fire protection

As an installer of stationary fire protection systems approved by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH and certified to DIN EN ISO 9001, we offer a consistently high level of quality – from consultancy to installation.

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