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Mobile Container Pumping Station

To meet the expectations of our customers, CALANBAU TPI Sp. z o.o. has created a CONTAINER PUMPING STATION – a complete, mobile building with a fully fitted, classical fire pump with the required automation, as well as all the electrical and construction equipment necessary for the building.

This solution can easily be adapted to all requirements. Contact us if need more details.

Advantages of the container pump:

  • The TPI Container Pumping Station is a solution that:
  • is consistent with the requirements of standards (EN, NFPA,FM, VdS), and allows the installation time of the pumping station on site to be reduced to only 1-2 days,
  • is standard, but also versatile, allowing for a variety of applications
  • in various conditions and for different types and sizes of structures,
  • requires much less space than a traditional pumping station,
  • is mobile (if necessary the container can be moved to another location, also to protect other structures),
  • enables the installation of any number of pumps,
  • is cheaper than a traditional pumping station,
  • saves time at the inter-branch arrangement stage,
  • is assembled entirely in the CALANBAU TPI prefabrication plant, ensuring a higher precision than at a construction site,
  • is also possible to be transported by sea.


The TPI Container Pumping Station is made in the „DELIVER AND CONNECT“ system.

Built with fire resistance class EI 60 walls, it is completely insulated thermally. With compact dimensions, the container can be delivered to a construction site on a standard truck platform and be mounted on a foundation slab.

Once at the construction site, it only remains to connect it to the electrical power supply and the suction and discharge piping, and install monitoring.


  • A pump with a diesel or electric engine with parameters matched to the requirements of the protected structure,
  • A Jockey pump counteracting losses of pressure in the system,
  • A test line with a flowmeter,
  • Louvers with an exhaust fan,
  • Heating (electric heaters controlled by thermostats),
  • Lighting (basic and emergency),
  • Double-wall fuel supply tank,
  • Necessary piping, including a connection to the water tank,
  • Electrical systems with a main distribution panel,
  • Control systems recording and monitoring the work of pumping equipment including certified monitoring panel,
  • Sprinkler system in the container.

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