Working for the Fire Protection Solutions Group

Working for the Fire Protection Solutions Group

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As a medium-sized group of companies, we specialize in building stationary fire extinguishing systems.

Made up of seven companies, we serve a variety of different sectors – from logistics over manufacturing industry to retail – our customer reference list is as broad as it is wide.

Unsere Tochtergesellschaften

● Calanbau Brandschutzanlagen GmbH
● Calanbau-GFA Feuerschutz GmbH
● GFA Gesellschaft für Anlagenbau mbH
● Gottschalk Feuerschutzanlagen GmbH
● IBS Industrie-, Brandschutz und Sicherheit GmbH
● INSPA Industrieservice für Pumpenanlagen
● Nohl Brandschutz GmbH
● DRW GmbH

Values of the Fire Protection Solutions Group

VINCI Energies caries in its genes the human values of solidarity, trust, entrepreneurship, responsibility and empowerment.

Empowerment: We allow talent to express itself by giving each individual employee and business unit the freedom to take initiatives. The business units define their own development strategies and are empowered to implement them in compliance with Group culture. This empowerment bolsters their ability to act quickly and creatively and in direct contact with the customers. This is the strong point of VINCI Energies.

Responsibility: Our success depends on the accountability of our employees at every level of the organisation, irrespective of their position. All employees are accountable to their colleagues for their projects, their customers, and their business unit.

Entrepreneurial spirit: We recognise the ability of each individual to take initiatives, evaluate risks, envision success and attain it. This spirit enables us to innovate in our projects.

Trust: We choose to work in a spirit of trust. Trust is something that is given, deserved, rewarded, and allows people to work together in the knowledge that they can count on one another.

Solidarity: More than just a principle, solidarity is a reality which is expressed by the network: knowledge, activities, and resources are shared within the Group to enhance efficiency and the capacity to act quickly.

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Awards Gained by Fire Protection Solutions

In 2018, the Fire Protection Solutions Group received the Fair Company Award. Companies with this distinction offer interns, trainees, and students on a dual study programme a vocational qualification and start in their chosen field that is characterised by fairness.

The Fire Protection Solutions Group now also bears the Kununu Seal as “top employer”, awarded in June 2019. Why don’t you rate us right now?