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The Fire Protection Solutions Group consists of many companies with decades of experience in all areas of fire safety

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Incalculable risks jeopardize your company

Many companies only invest in the bare minimum of fire protection because they underestimate the impact that a fire can have on business. Even though insurance companies provide compensation for damage to buildings and equipment and for production stoppages for a specific period, fires remain an incalculable risk for companies. One unknown factor that cannot be insured against is whether customers lost due to production stoppages will return. What’s more, damage to the energy supply or to control/data cables and the loss of important data can result in serious long-term problems for a company.

Fire protection pays off

And not only in the event of a fire. The standard of fire protection also influences the level of insurance premiums. An insurance assessment considers not only whether a fire protection system is in place, but also whether it was planned correctly for the relevant application, whether it is adequately dimensioned and whether it benefits from regular maintenance. In other words, experience and know-how are required for professional fire protection.
Our group of companies has acquired its expertise over more than 30 years. This covers all sectors, properties of all sizes and all technological solutions involved in state-of-the-art fire protection. Consequently, we are the ideal partner for all your needs.