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CalanMega Drop®

CalanMega Drop®

More fire protection options in your block-stacking warehouse

Why should you use CalanMegaDrop® as rapid fire protection for your plastics in freestanding storage?

Due to the increasing concentration of value, fires in the storage areas of production facilities lead to high damage costs if fire-detection and firefighting systems fail to respond as quickly as possible. Therefore, where the risk of fire is high, any fire has to be tackled quickly and effectively in the propagation phase to prevent the fire from spreading.

Nowadays, more and more businesses store their goods in load carriers made of plastic products (including small and large load carriers – SLCs and LLCs). Due to the chemical and physical properties of the plastics used, it is difficult to control a fire successfully if fire breaks out.


With CalanMegaDrop® powered by EuroSprinkler, you are effectively protected against risks in freestanding warehouses and block-stacking areas with storage containers made of plastic or with stored plastic at a storage height of up to 4.60 m and a maximum roof or ceiling height of up to 13.70 m.

The system can also provide effective protection for the risks involved in storage type ST1 up to Fire Hazard Class HHS4 (in accordance with VdS CEA 4001) and a maximum permissible storage height of 4.40 m with a maximum ceiling height of 13.7 m without requiring an increase in the water discharge rate.

Functional description of CalanMegaDrop®

Upon activation of a sprinkler in the CalanMegaDrop powered by EuroSprinkler firefighting system in the corresponding active region, the area to be protected is quickly drenched with a large amount of water (flow rate = 200 l / min at 1 bar system pressure), so that the fire is hindered at an early stage in the outbreak and the fire is controlled.

The dimensioning and design of the extinguishing system is critically influenced by the size and arrangement of the protected storage risk.

There is no supplementary charge for the system design. This means that the rate of water discharge is to be set at a minimum value of 30 mm/min for up to a maximum ceiling height of 13.70 m.

The system has a very fast response-time index (RTI < 30 m1/2 ∙ s1/2) in order to be able to fight the fire effectively right in the development phase. The smaller the RTI value of a sprinkler, the shorter the response time and the faster the response of the sprinkler to the fire.

In accordance with VdS CEA 4001:2014-04 (05), the response sensitivity is defined as