Special extinguishing systems

Power plants and special extinguishing systems

We offer special solutions for all areas

We have the ideal solution for every application. Should one of the conventional fire protection systems not be the perfect solution for your needs, we will be happy to offer you one of our special extinguishing systems.

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Our team of experts from Hamburg specialises in power plants and offers German and international customers the perfect fire protection solution for:

  • Waste incineration plants
  • Biomass-fuelled power plants
  • Steam und gas turbines
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Tank farms
  • The petrochemical industry
  • Aircraft hangars

Fire monitor extinguishing systems

Calanbau fire monitor extinguishing systems have proven fire protection credentials for large installations and facilities thanks to the impressive range of their water cannons. They ensure you are able to target the seats of fires in dangerous areas quickly and precisely.

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Fire monitor extinguishing systems get their name from fixed water cannons known as monitors. They are operated manually or electrically using a remote control device. A fire detection system or infrared camera can also activate the monitors automatically. Depending on the type of monitor, they can cover distances of between 20 and 120 metres and can distribute between 1.000 and 20.000 litres of extinguishing water per minute at a pressure of 6-10 bar.

The monitors enable seats of fires that are difficult to access to be extinguished precisely by appropriately trained personnel (operators, plant/public fire grigade).

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