Safety Culture at Fire Protection Solutions

Occupational safety has top priority

An overarching security policy

All VINCI Energies sites worldwide participate in the Safety Excellence Initiative, regardless of business line or location. They follow the same approach to prevention and continuous improvement of working conditions.

In doing so, they closely involve their management and all employees in achieving the common goals of “zero accidents” and “zero occupational illnesses”. The VINCI Group has also committed itself to these unchanging objectives as part of its Manifesto.

“VINCI Energies has an ambitious occupational health and safety policy, which we are implementing through the Safety Excellence Initiative.”
Stefan Falk, Managing Director Fire Protection Solutions

Safety and performance

For VINCI Energies, occupational health and safety are inseparably linked to our overall performance. Prevention, productivity, efficiency, and collective intelligence go hand in hand with operational excellence. As a result of this vision, prevention is part of the core business of each BU. Prevention is an absolute must for every project, every site, and every department. As such, it is an element of management quality and enhances the performance of our BUs.

Principles and measures

Risk perception culture

Safety Excellence aims to develop a risk awareness culture among all VINCI Energies employees. This is based on the three-point approach of Look – Report – Share, whereby each employee takes responsibility not only for their own safety, but also for that of others. This shared intention of each employee to take care of themselves and their colleagues ensures mutual respect and reliability.

Raising awareness and training

Numerous measures contribute to the development of a risk awareness culture. Systematic training takes place on the worksites. During this, the risks to which all employees – including both the company’s own staff and temporary staff – are exposed are addressed as a matter of priority.

With the support of the VINCI Energies Academy, the Group is making significant efforts in the areas of training and development. More than 120 health and safety training modules have been developed by internal and external experts and are available to all employees. The modules cover all VINC Energies business lines and areas of expertise.

Safety Week

VINCI Energies organises a Safety Week once a year in all BUs worldwide. The event emphasises the contribution of each employee and, at the same time, team cohesion. It ensures a broad mobilisation of employees at workshops that focus on best practices and experience feedback. Safety Week is a key lever in ensuring that all Group staff embraces the risk awareness culture.

Structured approach and common tools

The Safety Excellence Initiative is structured at the VINCI Energies level and its various components and is coordinated with the support of safety professionals. The implementation of harmonised procedures and common tools makes it possible to analyse and map dangerous situations, evaluate accident rates, and implement appropriate action plans and awareness campaigns.

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