CO2 – Argon gas extinguishing system

Fire protection solution without water

We use state-of-the-art gas extinguishing systems for valuable items and equipment, computer systems, and rooms with electrical or cable installations.

In addition to CO2 gas extinguishing systems, we also offer the gas suppression system, IG541. IG-541 is a composite made up from the gases nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar) and CO2.

Suffocating a fire

The extinguishing effect is achieved by displacing oxygen from the seat of the fire, causing it to suffocate. The gases’ heat binding capability also plays its part. There are virtually no emission limits for argon when used as an extinguishing agent. It is heavier than air, which makes it an ideal extinguishing medium. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a well-established extinguishing gas for protecting equipment and rooms.

Design and operation of a CO2 and argon gas extinguishing system

A depressurized network of pipes and open extinguishing nozzles covers all areas of the building that need protecting. The extinguishing agent is conveyed through this network to the extinguishing cylinders under high pressure and is distributed evenly in the area to be protected. Prior to the agent being released, an alarm is activated so that the area can be evacuated.  At the same time, doors and other openings can be closed and technical facilities operated as necessary. The activation of further local alarm systems sends a message to a unit that is permanently manned (normally the fire brigade).

Replacing the CO2 cylinders after the fire has been brought under control means that the system is soon operational again.

  • High and cost-effective availability of naturally occurring gas (carbon dioxide).
  • Complex, highly effective equipment for rapid extinguishing.
  • Highly reliable protection of assets.


  • Computer/server rooms
  • Telecommunications control centres
  • Switchgear and control systems
  • Storage facilities for hazardous materials
  • Museums and archives
  • Laboratories and plant rooms

Gas suppression system with IG541 extinguishing agent – effective and non-toxic

The extinguishing agent IG-541 is a composite made up from the gases nitrogen (N2), argon (Ar) and CO2. This extinguishing agent is a colourless, odourless and flavourless gas that is electrically non-conductive and chemically inert.

IG-541 is considered a “Clean Agent”, as no extinguishant residues are left behind after use. It is therefore suitable for use in areas where it is of paramount importance that the items to be protected suffer no damage whatsoever caused by the extinguishing agent. IG-541 is therefore the ideal fire protection for electrical appliances and electrical facilities.

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