Business Ethics at VINCI Group Companies

Ethics Charter and Code of Conduct

Fire Protection Solutions Brandschutz und Feuerschutz für Industrie und Gewerbe

VINCI’s corporate culture is founded on strong core values that guide the day-to-day activities of all companies and employees in the VINCI Group.

The Code of Conduct also forms part of these core values; it governs and defines the way we work together

As the Group continues to grow, it becomes necessary to enshrine these core values into a single document, so careful compliance is ensured by all.

All Group employees – including everyone at Fire Protection Solutions – are expected to abide by these rules.

Curious? Would you like to take a closer look and find out how the VINCI Group operates? If yes, just click on the image or this link. This will take you to the VINCI website, where you can download the Code.

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VINCI Group Mission Statement: Reaching our common goals – together!

VINCI, as a globally-operating group, acknowledges its social responsibility and has made eight declared commitments to society at large. As a part of VINCI, Fire Protection Solutions is also committed to the following rules:

  • Together! Design and build

We commit to promoting outreach and consultation in conducting our projects to ensure that our partners are closely involved.

  • Together! Comply with ethical principles

We commit to ensuring total transparency in our own practices and in those of our subcontractors.

  • Together! Promote green growth

We commit to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 30% between now and 2020, to supporting our customers in their quest for better energy efficiency and to encouraging their adoption of an environmentally responsible approach.

  • Together! Engage in civic projects

We commit to supporting the civic engagement of our employees, especially through the Group’s foundations around the world.

  • Together! Strive for zero accidents

We commit to the zero accidents objective.

  • Together! Foster equality and diversity

We commit to diversifying our supervisory staff to include more women and people of diverse origins.

  • Together! Promote sustainable careers

We commit to proposing training and job mobility opportunities for all our employees in order to promote sustainable employability.

  • Together! Share the benefits of our performance

We commit to ensuring that every VINCI employee is given an opportunity, wherever possible, to share in our economic success.

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