Hydrant systems

Pillar hydrants and ground hydrants

The quick and effective supply of water is essential for stationary fire protection. This is ensured by the hydrant systems that round off our product portfolio.
We offer indoor and outdoor hydrants for initial fire-fighting by the personnel at the scene.

Design and operation of hydrant systems

Both pillar and ground hydrants are available.

Pillar hydrants are permanently installed above the ground and have several outlets with standardized connections, normally in nominal size B or C and, more rarely, size A. This also depends on the diameter of the supply line. Size A outlets are mainly used in industrial and larger residential applications to enable large quantities of water to be taken from the network.


Ground hydrants are located below a hydrant cover installed flush in the road surface. The cover is lifted using a valve key and swivelled to the side, giving access to the bottom part of the hydrant.

Brief information about hydrant systems

  • fast and effective water supply
  • above-ground or underground hydrants in outdoor areas
  • Wall hydrants indoors


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