Business sectors

Business sectors

Decades of experience for your individual fire protection solution

Brandschutz Feuerschutz Produkte Sprinkleranlagen 1024x683We have a wide range of reference projects – from logistic centres and paper mills to the timber industry and multi-storey car parks.

Each application has special features that we are very familiar with thanks to our many years of experience. We customise our systems to the relevant application, thereby ensuring that both you and your property are safe.

  • Office/administrative buildings
  • Chemical/pharmaceutical industry
  • Retail sector
  • Shopping centres
  • Production companies
  • Timber industry
  • Hotel industry
  • Other industries
  • Automotive/car industry
  • Power stations/waste incineration plants
  • Hospitals/care homes
  • Logistics
  • Public buildings
  • Paper industry
  • Underground/multi-storey car parks
  • Trade fairs
  • Furniture trade
  • Solutions for shelving and standard/high-bay warehouses

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