Foam extinguishing systems

Fire protection for special risks

Stationary foam extinguishing systems are permanently installed fire-extinguishing systems that add a specified amount of foam concentrate to the flow of water in equipment such as sprinkler or water spray extinguishing systems. Air is subsequently added at the foam nozzles to create low//medium/high-expansion foam.

Design and operation of a foam extinguishing system

All building areas and items to be protected are covered by a sprinkler or water spray system. Sprinkleranlage SchaumtankWhen the system is activated, a specific amount of foam concentrate is added from a supply tank. This creates a highly effective extinguishing agent in the form of either a low-expansion or medium-expansion foam, depending on the ratio of foam concentrate to water.

The foam concentrate mixture hits the spray plate of the sprinkler or extinguishing nozzle and is distributed over the entire area. At the same time, local alarm installations are triggered by the water flowing through the network of pipes and a message is sent to a permanently manned unit, normally the fire brigade. As with sprinkler and water spray systems, foam extinguishing systems can quickly be made operational again once the fire has been brought under control. The amount of foam concentrate used must be replaced.

Highlights of foam extinguishing systems

  • Complex, highly effective equipment for rapid extinguishing
  • Highly reliable protection of assets
  • Applications in trade and industry, the commercial sector, public institutions and anywhere that fires occur primarily as a result of flammable liquids

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