Dansk Sprinkler Teknik

Dansk Sprinkler Teknik

Ihr starker Partner im Brandschutz

Denmark’s leading fire protection company

Founded in 2010, Dansk Sprinkler Teknik has progressed to become one of the market leaders for fire protection solutions not just in Denmark, but in Norway and Sweden as well. We design and install fire alarm and sprinkler systems for schools, nursing homes, multi-storey car parks, hotels, offices, shopping centres, warehouses and production halls, to name but a few. We also provide maintenance and servicing of the systems after installation. Dansk Sprinkler Teknik has a 125-strong workforce in Denmark.

A  comprehensive range of services from a single source

We are a full-service provider of fire protection solutions with a broad sprinkler portfolio and a dedicated fire protection department. Besides sprinkler and fire alarm systems, Dansk Sprinkler Teknik is also an expert in high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems and hand-held fire extinguishers, thereby offering a wide range of fire protection solutions.

From daily to annual inspection of your sprinkler and ABA systems, extensive maintenance services form an integral part of our core business.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • the cleaning and replacement of seals on valves
  • the repair of pumps and controls
  • the repair of pipes and
  • the refurbishment and adaptation of systems

We are at your disposal 24/7 – ready to address any potential concerns you may have ASAP!

Scandinavia’s fastest growing fire protection company

Dansk Sprinkler Teknik was awarded the title “Gazelle” in 2015. This prestigious title is awarded once a year to the fastest growing Danish companies by the Danish financial newspaper “Dagbladet Børsen” (based on turnover and gross profit).

Dansk Sprinkler Teknik’s main site is in Odense, with additional company sites in Karslunde and Hjallerup. Moreover, Dansk Sprinkler Teknik also operates as Norsk Sprinklerteknikk in Norway with locations in Oslo and Porsgrunn.

At the end of last year, Dansk Sprinkler Teknik joined the Fire Protection Solutions Group.

More information about Dansk Sprinkler Teknik can be found on the homepage.

Your contact for Dansk Sprinkler Teknik

Freddy Raeder

Dansk Sprinkler Teknik A/S
Emil Neckelmanns Vej 15G
5220 Odense
T:+45 88 717 112