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Safety first: with Calanbau TPI

Customised solutions

Customised solutions are essential for effective fire protection. Every fire risk is different and fire protection needs to be perfectly geared to the specific situation. This includes the extinguishing agent selected and the size of systems, taking into account the type of construction. Solutions are needed that offer maximum safety while keeping an eye on costs – solutions that are reliable and prevent secondary damage in the event of a fire, too.

A leading company in fire protection systems

Sprinklermontage Calanbau TPI PolenCalanbau TPI is a leading company for fire protection solutions in Poland. Fire protection systems can only be as reliable as the company that plans and installs them. If they fail in an emergency, it is too late to rectify any mistakes made. Rely on Calanbau TPI and you are putting your trust in a leading company. Calanbau has around 300 employees, including engineers, technicians and fitters. What’s more, Calanbau demonstrates its know-how where it matters – at the key points in the value added chain where the risk potential is high, for example large industrial production installations, central warehouses and logistics hubs. Applications involving fire-sensitive materials such as the timber and paper processing industries or the furniture trade are further focuses of attention.

An expert partner for over 20 years

Calanbau HamburgOur comprehensive and efficient DIN EN ISO 9001-compliant quality management system covers everything from project planning and installation to maintenance of stationary extinguishing systems. We are a VdS-approved installer of

18_Sprinkleranlagen_20px Sprinkler systems

18_Spruehwasserloeschanlagen_20px Water spray extinguishing systems 

18_Schaumloeschanlagen_20px Foam extinguishing systems 

18_Brandmeldeanlagen_20px Fire detection systems 

18_Hydrantenanlagen_20px Hydrant systems

19_Icon_Monitotloesch_web2 Special extinguishing systems

You can find all certificates here.

All-inPumpUnit – mobile Pumpenzentrale

Calanbau-TPI_sprinkler container inside

To meet the expectations of our customers, Calanbau TPI Sp. z o.o. has created a CONTAINER PUMPING STATION – a complete, mobile building with a fully fitted, classical fire pump with the required automation, as well as all the electrical and construction equipment necessary for the building.

This solution can easily be adapted to all requirements. Contact us if need more details or look here.

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