Digitalise your fire protection with IOT monitoring

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Cloud-based maintenance support for the operation of sprinkler installations via the CalanOnTrack® app

IOT monitoring with the CalanOnTrack® app shows that even fire protection can be further digitalised. CalanOnTrack® is an app that monitors all processes of a sprinkler control panel, provides maintenance support (for the maintenance contractor) and supports operators in their weekly and monthly inspections. 

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The difference to other applications

In contrast to the existing fault-messaging centre, the app always displays all events. As soon as a fault has been resolved, it is no longer displayed in the fault-messaging centre. In the app, however, the fault is still stored via mobile device management, making predictive maintenance possible. If the app detects that a fault is occurring repeatedly, potential damage can be prevented by predictive maintenance and machine learning.

The app digitally records not only faults, but also deficiencies and measures taken. All system data is available in real time. The app shows all tests and checks to be performed.  

In addition, CalanOnTrack® offers the option of performing guided checks and maintenance. Here, all maintenance steps are listed sequentially and the parts of the system that need to be checked are clearly presented. As soon as a check list has been processed, the app automatically recognizes this and stores the results. This means that results that are currently documented in the operating log will also be digitally logged in the app.

CalanOnTrack Digitalschmiede Frankfurt
Demonstration plant in the digital forge of
VINCI Energies in Frankfurt am Main.

CalanOnTrack® demonstration plant

The maintenance contract and all service jobs are also stored in the app and are available at any time. The drawings and plans of the respective system are also stored in it.

There are currently several demonstration systems in operation and the first live systems have been installed at Calanbau Brandschutzanlagen GmbH’s customers.

As soon as the app is out of the beta phase and completely finished, you will also be able to use it!


Please send us an email if you want to be notified when CalanOnTrack® is available.
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