Service – Fire Protection installations

Fire Protection installations: good service means security

Reliability is our top priority!

Fire Protection installations: good service means security

Each and every one of our companies has years of experience in fire protection installations. As an installer of stationary fire protection systems, each of our companies is VdS-recognised and certified. So we can guarantee top quality in service, care and maintenance.

Our service staff will ensure that your fire protection system always works reliably. The strict guidelines of VdS require regular testing, service and maintenance work to maintain the operational readiness of extinguishing systems.

As VdS-recognised installers, our companies handle all the listed services for you, because malfunctions and emergencies keep no business hours. Good service and good maintenance will also prolong the life expectancy of your fire protection systems. That allows you to devote your full concentration to your core business! We support you with it – true to our motto:

Our service. Your protection.