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Wir schützen Menschen. Wir sind JOMOS.

As a fire protection specialist, we are proud to offer our customers a full range of technical fire protection products. Our standard is providing the right planning and the right product for each customer’s circumstance and budget – all with an application-oriented design and a commitment to quality.

20 years’ experience in fire protection

We protect people and property. With innovative solutions and an excellent reputation as a reliable specialist, JOMOS Brandschutz AG is a market leader for professional consulting, planning, construction, and maintenance for technical fire protection of facilities and equipment. Over the past twenty years, we have both driven and helped shape significant technical developments.

Unique and practice-oriented training concepts

Fire Extinguisher Handling and Behavioural Training: High-quality and professionally-maintained fire extinguishers are one thing, but proper handling and knowledge of combustibles, extinguishing agents, and extinguishing methods are quite another.

JOMOS services overview

  • Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment, from extinguishers to complex sprinkler control centres or RDA control (smoke protection pressure systems)
  • Customer-tailored Service/LCM Modules balanced to customer resources
  • Organisation and information, including digitisation
  • Comprehensive, experienced service team with over 160 employees and a modern IT infrastructure
  • Professional QA Management
  • On-call service around the clock

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Products of JOMOS Brandschutz AG

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Foam extinguishing systems

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Water spray extinguishing systems

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CO2-/argon gas extinguishing system

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Fire detection systems

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Hydrant system

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Power plants and special extinguishing systems

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