18_CLGFALogoCalanbau-GFA Feuerschutz GmbH

The pre-fabrication operations of Calanbau and GFA were merged in 2006 to create Calanbau-GFA Feuerschutz GmbH, which benefits from 30 years’ experience.
Calanbau-GFA Feuerschutz GmbH in Sarstedt offers
  • Pre-fabrication of complete customised pipe networks for sprinkler systems.
  • Stocks of installation components and spare parts for the construction and servicing of sprinkler systems.

Calanbau Sarstedt-222Robot-controlled automatic welding machines ensure high-precision production and processing of branch and distributor pipes. We also offer a full range of surface treatments.
From anti-corrosion priming to varnishing and high-quality powder coatings, we satisfy your specific requirements with professionalism and expertise. An extensive fleet of vehicles ensures on-time delivery and prompt installation of your systems.


Certificate for DIN EN ISO 9001-compliant Calanbau-GFA Feuerschutz quality management system