Commercial training positions

Commercial training positions

Machine and system operator

19_23Calanbau_0909201119_wir_bilden_aus_ihk_hanover_180x150pxAs a machine and system operator, you will learn the proper handling of our machines and systems in production. You will operate, control and monitor the material flow and prepare work processes.

You will select test procedures and test equipment.

You will process our materials according to technical documentation and select manual and machine production technologies.

You will use control and regulation systems, service and inspect machines and systems and correct malfunctions.

The implementation of quality assurance measures with consideration for the requirements of environmental protection and workplace safety as well as cost effectiveness is also part of your duties as machine and system operator.

System mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems


As a system mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning systems, you will plan and control work procedures, check and evaluate work results and use quality management systems.

You will install and remove pipelines, channels and components of our systems. Your duties will include transport and securing them.

The installation and testing of electrical assemblies and components will also be part of your responsibility.

You will also start our systems up and hand them over to our customers. You will advise customers and conduct inspections, service and repairs for our customers.

Warehouse technician

19_Calanbau_Lorsch_Rudolph_Logistik_72_dpi16As a warehouse technician, you are responsible for the acceptance of goods. You will check them against their shipping papers for type, quantity and suitability, and report any problems. The IT-supported recording of the goods and their proper storage in the warehouse are also part of the duties of the warehouse technician. To ensure correct inventory, you will also carry out warehouse stock checks and full inventory. The warehouse technician is also responsible for the shipping of goods. You will package them, fill out the shipping documentation, assemble the delivery units and load vehicles. To transport the goods, you will have equipment such as a forklift at your disposal.

As a trainee warehouse technician, you will learn how our goods are selected, sorted and prepared for storage in compliance with the appropriate guidelines. You will gain familiarity with standards and the units of dimensions, quantity and weight. Your training will include knowledge of which legal and operational regulations must be followed in the storage and marking of goods. You will be trained in how to handle complaints and learn how to use the correct equipment for weighing, measuring and counting. The assembly of goods into loading units, their packaging and the appropriate marking, labelling and securing of goods will all be part of your training.

During your training you will also learn about workplace safety and accident protection regulations, as well as environmental measures.