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TOP Employer 2016

Fire Protection Solutions Group named top employer for the third time!

Fire Protection Solutions is very proud to announce that they have been certified by the Top Employers Institute for their outstanding employee orientation and are therefore once again one of the top employers in Germany.


This annual international investigation, carried out by the Top Employers Institute, analyses leading top employers around the world: those companies who offer excellent employee conditions, support talent in all areas of the company and continually improve their employee orientations. Fire Protection Solutions Group was also named Top Employer in Germany last year.

The Top Employers Institute (earlier the CRF Institute) certifies outstanding performance in employee orientation at a variety of companies worldwide. The results of this year’s survey of employee conditions at important employers in German were just announced. Fire Protection Solutions Group is a company who received this certification and is proud to be recognised officially as a Top Employer.

The essential component of the Top Employer certification programme: All  companies participating go through a uniform examination process. They must meet the predefined, strict, standardized requirements to receive certification. To improve the meaningfulness and value of the overall certification process, all responses and documentation is provided to and examined thoroughly by an independent, central office. This audit confirmed that Fire Protection Solutions Group shows outstanding performance in employee orientation and has therefore earned a place in the exclusive membership of certified Top Employers.

The Top Employers Institute assessed the employee offerings of Fire Protection Solutions Group in the following categories:

  • Talent strategy
  • Staff planning
  • On-boarding
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Leadership development
  • Careers and new hire planning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Corporate culture

Questions for Stefan Falk, CEO of Fire Protection Solutions Group: 

What do you value in your employees, engineers, technicians and fitters? What should candidates bring to the table?

“We emphasize the continuing education and professional development of our employees.  Their inherent quality forms the basis for our company’s success. Anyone applying to us should want to contribute to that success – and also want to take pride in our achievements. Another requirement to be good in this business is also a sense of curiosity. And you also need a willingness to take on responsibility. But it is a commitment that pays off:  we like to fill management vacancies with staff taken from our own ranks.”

What are you particularly proud of?

“The many freedoms our employees enjoy. Clearly, everyone has to do his or her job responsibly. But thanks to our flat hierarchies and the opportunity for direct dialogue, our employees soon get the support they need to grow professionally. I am particularly pleased that, in our traditionally male-dominated world of plant engineering and construction, women are also now pursuing careers.”

Find out more about the Top Employers Institute and the Top Employers certification programme: