Supply and Environmental Technology

Fire Protection Engineer

Dual degree in Supply and Environmental Technology (Dipl. BA)

Six theoretical phases at the Staatlichen Studienakademie Glauchau provide you with the basic theory for “Heating and Sanitary Systems”, “HVAC Systems”, “Renewable Energies”, “Energy Efficiency”, “Technical and Business System Analyses” and “Environmental Systems”.

To provide you with the optimum preparation for your future employment as a Young Professional Engineer, during your practical phases you will get to know our group and can gain familiarity with our work processes. In the six practical phases, you will go through different departments, including our prefabrication facility in Hanover. Here, you will get a comprehensive view of the processes and workflow of our highly technical plant. You will also be trained in the business unit in our design program, and get to know all the processes and workflow there, too. At our training centre, you will be trained in all the technical seminars required for your professional and personal development.

If you can’t decide between a degree and practical work experience, the dual degree in Environmental and Supply Technology at our company is the perfect way to combine theory and practice efficiently. After completing your studies (three years) as a Diplom-Ingenieur (BA), you can start at our corporate group as a Young Professional Engineer.

You can find more information at the home page of the Staatlichen Studienakademie Glauchau.

Development opportunities:

The Fire Protection Solutions group can provide you an entry-level position with attractive opportunities after you successfully complete your degree. At our training centre in Sarstedt, we also offer you internal education opportunities.